Are you raising your children on a vegan diet? or maybe you want to transition your family to a plant-based lifestyle?

Do you worry about your child’s nutrition?

Do you worry about them getting nutrient deficiencies?

Are you worried about them lacking in protein, iron, zinc, omega-3?


What if you could learn all about vegan nutrition and nutrient needs for children at all ages? What if you could learn all the knowledge required to raise healthy thriving children from the comfort of your own home? Have access for life? And being taught by a qualified nutritionist and mother of three plant-based children!?

My course Nourishing Plant-Based Kids Ecourse is now available for enrolments.

If you are ready to have the knowledge and confidence as a parent to raise thriving plant-powered children, this course is for you! Whether your child is a toddler or a teenager who recently turned vegan I cover all age groups in this nutrition ecourse.

 The Nourishing Plant-Based Kids Ecourse will take all the guesswork surrounding children nutrition on a plant-based diet and will give you the confidence as a parent to raise thriving plant-powered children. Whether your child is a toddler or a teenager who recently turned vegan I cover all age groups in this nutrition ecourse.

Nourishing Plant-based Kids Ecourse is a plant-based nutrition guide for parents to raise thriving children on a vegan or predominantly plant-based diet packed with practical advice to give you confidence in managing your child’s nutrition.

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This course is made for parents like yourself who are wanting the very best for their children by feeding them a healthy plant-based diet but want to make sure they are covering all nutrients.

Gain confidence in raising your child on a vegan diet while getting support from a qualified nutritionist and information based on scientific evidence.

This course is for you if:

-      You eat predominantly vegan as a family.

-      You would like to transition your children to a mostly plant-based diet.

-      Your teenage daughter/son wants to become vegan.

-      You want your child to be able to thrive on a plant-based diet for the long-term.

-      You want to make sure your child won't suffer from nutrient deficiencies.

-      You would like to get the knowledge and confidence to boost your child's health and nutrition.

-      You want to know how many serves of grains, fruits, vegetables are needed at each age.

-      You want to know what supplements to give to your children, what to pack in their lunchbox or how to stop meal times turning into battle grounds.


This course is not:


X a guide to introducing solids for babies

X a baby led weaning guide

X a recipe course

what's in the course?

  • Nutrition information for toddlers, children and teenagers
  • Nutrient reference tables for each age group
  • Meal and snack ideas
  • Easy to use daily checklists for each age group covering the different food groups and amount of serves
  • Information on supplements required on a vegan diet
  • Convenient nutrition cheat sheets for healthy breakfast, snacks and lunches ideas
  • Cheat sheets for the most important nutrients like omega-3s, iron, calcium.
  • Guide on creating nutritious vegan lunchboxes and a cheat sheet for packing healthy lunchboxes
  • Fussy eating tips
  • Tips for dealing with food allergies on a vegan diet
  • Bonus 7 day meal plan and template to use


Nutrition experts say that an appropriately plant-based diet can be absolutely safe and adequate for all ages and stages. While I agree 100%, there are some nutrients that can require a little more effort to incorporate when your child’s diet doesn’t include animal products, like meat, fish, eggs, and dairy.

I have always been passionate about children's nutrition and raising children on a vegan diet but a few months ago in a vegan parenting group I am part of on Facebook a mum was asking where to get vitamin B12 for her daughter and she got so many ill-informed replies including kombucha, juicing and dirt as reliable sources of vitamin B12 for her toddler. I felt the need as a mum and nutritionist to create a course to be able to reach more families. I want to help other families thrive on a plant-based diet.

This is why I have created this course, to give parents the knowledge and tools to create plant-based meals for their children to cover all the important nutrients needed for their growth.

There can be some criticism and fear in the media and from extended family members about vegan diets for children which is due to lack of knowledge and understanding about nutrition. And from working with plant-based families I know most parents have the same questions and similar worries when it comes to raising children on a plant-based diet. I know this course is a way for families to access those answers and resources at their convenience.

Course Curriculum

  Module 1: Introduction
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days after you enroll
  Module 2: Toddlers
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3: Children
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4: Teenagers
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 5: Dealing with fussy eaters
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 6: Lunchbox Nutrition
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days after you enroll
  Module 7: Food Allergies
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days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Medical Disclaimer
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About the Author

Hi! I am Claire Power, a mother of 3 children, my twins Eloise and James who are 4 and half and predominantly vegan and Annabelle who is 18 months old and has been vegan since conception. I am French and live with my little family in Orange, Australia.

I am also a qualified nutritionist from Deakin University and I have been vegan since 2016.

I am also a food blogger at and on Instagram @ healthyfrenchwife

I love working with plant-based families and hope to help new families with this course raise healthy thriving vegan children and remove any doubts or worries concerning nutrition on a vegan diet for parents.



How long does it take to do the course?


The course is a self-paced online program containing 7 modules. You can read all the modules in a few days. You get lifetime access when purchasing the course and you can go back to it later on – for example if you sign up now when your child is a toddler you will be able to get back to the information once they turned 5 or a teenager and have different nutrient needs.


Does this course cover baby nutrition?


With this ecourse I chose not to focus on babies between the age of 6 months and 12 months as I did not want this course to be about the introduction of solids and baby led weaning etc. Maybe in the future I will create a new course for vegan babies nutrition!


My family is not fully vegan but we sometimes eat plant-based meals. Can we still benefit from this course?


Yes! You do not need to be fully vegan to benefit from eating more plant-based meals. And if you are going to increase your plant-based meals as a family it is important to learn to create nutritious meals and make sure as a family you do not risk nutrient deficiencies. All children can benefit from eating more plant-based meals including legumes, wholegrains, fruit and vegetables!


My family has been vegan for a long time. Will we gain anything from this course?


I believe it is often people who have been vegans the longest who tend to fall into some eating habits and routines and can lack some nutrients. Also the course covers all different life stages of children from toddlers to teenagers so you might not be as familiar with nutrition needs for your children at every age. It is also good to refresh your own knowledge and learn from an actual nutritionist-based course.


My child has a food allergy but I want them to eat a mostly plant-based diet. Is this course suitable for children with allergies?


Yes in the Nourishing Plant-based Kids course there is a whole module on food allergies and substitution ideas for a nutritious vegan diet. You also have the option to add on a private 1:1 consultation with myself if you would like further personalised support.


I don’t live in Orange/ Australia – how can I take part?


The Nourishing Plant-based Kids Course is all delivered online. You do not need to live in Australia to do the course. If you purchase the package with the added 1:1 consultation I also do them online via skype so it is available worldwide.


What equipment do I need to do this course?


You only need a computer/tablet with internet access to open the pdfs on. A printer is a nice to have to print some graphics to keep as reminder on your fridge or in your pantry. The foods and supplements recommended in the course can be purchased online or in stores.